Twitter's Vine video app launches

Not quite an add-on for Twitter, but we think Vine might just become that in time.

That's because Vine is now owned by Twitter and already has integration with the social network. So be prepared to see it taking over your timeline soon with its unique take on video.

Not just another video capture service, Vine creates short and quirky looping six-second videos, said to be 'little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life'. If you want the world to see into your life, the app has just launched for iOS devices.

It's easy to use too - just point your camera, hit the button and it captures that snippet of your life. if you want to go more complex, you can by creating montages of movies. But that's purely for showing off. Once done, upload and you are ready to share. In fact, sharing is important - this is Instagram-like social networking, allowing you to follow and be followed via your media.

Of course, you can sign in with your Twitter ID (although you don't have to) and you can add videos to your Twitter timeline. The perfect way to kill a dull Friday, in fact.

Android users, your app is to follow. But for now, it is iOS-only, but very much open for business.

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