LG blames Google for Nexus 4 shortages

So, just who is to blame for the lack of Nexus 4 models available to buy online? Is it LG for not making enough? Or is it Google for not ordering enough? LG knows where the blame should lie.

Well, LG France does anyway. In an interview with Challenges, the head of LG France claimed the stock problems have been down to Google getting its estimate badly wrong. LG simply made the numbers Google requested, which didn't happen to be enough for insatiable demand.

Maybe Google didn't factor in Christmas? Perhaps it didn't realise that offering the latest phone with the latest operating system for a cut-price £240 would send demand through the roof? All we know (now) is that Google based its estimate primarily on past Google phone sales, which have been decent rather than record breaking. But in reality, demand for the Nexus 4 was 10 times what was expected in the UK.

LG claims it takes six weeks to increase delivery frequency, with the company now looking at significant production from mid-February. At least, that's the official line.

Another rumour claims production has now been halted in favour of a new model, with LG planning a Nexus with the next Android operating system (Key Lime Pie) and with an improved 2GHz processor.

Perhaps there is truth in both. Another burst with the Nexus 4, followed by a new model as we enter spring. Would make sense.

Sources: Crave and Challenges

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