More details on Samsung Galaxy Note III emerge

Bigger seems to be the operative word when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Yes, the Note III, even though we are still just months into the highly-rated Samsung Galaxy Note II (well, highly-rated by us). But as ever, Samsung is thinking of their next phone almost as soon as the current one has had its glitzy launch.

We have mentioned before that the Note III is likely to have a bigger screen, with the latest report in the Korea Times backing that up.

That report claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will indeed have a 6.3-inch screen, even more substantial than the 5.5-inch screen currently filling your pocket. It's likely to be an OLED screen, but not the bendy Youm screen we saw showcased at CES.

But that's not the only 'bigger' here - we're also talking a more powerful processor. Specifically, the report claims that the current quad-core processor is being ditched, replaced by a - you guessed it - eight-core processor. It's known as the Octa, which is obviously more powerful than the incumbent chip, but also enhances battery life, would you believe.

The new chip isn't just going to be used in the Note III. That same report claims Samsung is chasing the Chinese market, offering the new technology for use on phones by Huawei and ZTE as it looks to protect itself from future disagreements with Apple (and the possibility of cancelled contracts).

So expect big and powerful phones from China too, but in the first instance, the Note III in the second half of 2013.

Source: Korea Times

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