Sony shows off wireless one-touch potential of Xperia smartphones

Sony’s sexy, shiny Xperia Z smartphone is a droolworthy piece of hardware, but it’s the nifty NFC features that really help it to stand out from the smartphone crowd. Using this short-range wireless technology, your Xperia Z can interact with all kinds of home accessories, from earphones to tellies. In fact, Sony reckons it's got more NFC-enabled accessories than any other manufacturer on the planet.


Sony demonstrates One Touch wireless NFC at CES 2013


One of the most impressive demonstrations at Sony’s CES booth involved the Xperia Z, a Bravia TV and the TV’s remote control. Imagine you’re slumped on the couch at home and you fancy streaming a movie, or maybe some music or photos, to your telly. Simply touch your Xperia to the remote control and the connection is instantly made. You can then throw anything you want to the big screen from your trusty mobile, to share with the rest of the room.


Sony demonstrates One Touch wireless NFC at CES 2013


That’s just the tail of the donkey, though. Sony also showed us the Xperia Z streaming music to all manner of earphones, headphones and speakers with just a quick tap, including tiny portable ball-shaped speakers (“I always carry my balls with me” revealed a gleeful Phil Molyneux in the Sony press conference) and mammoth surround sound systems.


Sony demonstrates One Touch wireless NFC at CES 2013


Something else that caught our eye was Sony’s ‘Personal Content Station’, which provides amazingly simple backup and storage for your Xperia phone, as well as other mobile devices. Tap your smartphone to this 1TB box and your photos and other content will automatically be transferred over, an essential backup in case the worst happens and your precious mobile ends up in chunks on the pavement.


Sony demonstrates One Touch wireless NFC at CES 2013


We’re terrible at remembering to back up our pics, so something like this would be perfect in Mobile Choice Towers. You can even browse the photos you’ve already backed up when the two are wirelessly connected, right there on your smartphone’s screen.


Of course, Sony wasn't the only manufacturer to show off wireless NFC communication at CES 2013. LG, Samsung and many others were demonstrating how their own portable devices can hook up to accessories in just a second, ready to stream media and more. It looks like 2013 is going to be a wire-free year.


The Sony Xperia Z is due out in March and you can check out our full hands-on preview from CES right now.

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