CES 2013: Razer Edge gaming tablet hands-on preview

NVidia's Project Shield wasn't the only gaming tablet that we saw at CES 2013, as American company Razer showed off its 10.1-inch Razer Edge – apparently the world’s most powerful tablet - at its crowded booth.


Razer Edge CES 2013


Running full Windows, the Razer Edge can download games using services such as Steam and comfortably run them thanks to the built-in Intel Core processor (i5 or i7 depending on how rich you’re feeling). The IPS screen is backed up by NVidia’s graphics chip and the demo game we checked out certainly looked slick, with its beautifully rendered explosions and gun flare. Our only bugbear is that the 1366 x 768 resolution is quite low for the price, so you won’t get the most out of HD movies and games.


Razer Edge CES 2013


Razer is really bigging up the wide range of accessories you can buy for the Edge, including a keyboard dock and of course a gaming pad that looks like a full full console controller. You can also attach a plastic chassis that adds a stick-like grip either side of the screen, complete with dual thumbsticks and the full complement of action and shoulder buttons for blasting your way through your favourite games on the go. But be warned that at around 1KG, the Razer Edge is a hefty (as well as chunky) beast.


Razer Edge CES 2013


The base model comes with 64GB of storage space but the top-end Pro model has up to 256GB for carrying dozens and dozens of the latest games around. Expect to see the Razer Edge later this year in the UK, but currently it’s only billed for a Q1 release in the US, starting at $999. That’s makes the Edge one of the most pricey tablets out there, and really only for gamers who are desperate to play their PC games outside of the home.

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