CES 2013: Polaroid Android camera hands-on preview

Polaroid have showcased a near-complete Android camera at CES 2013, nicknamed the Polaroid iM1836. This interchangeable lens snapper runs Android Jelly Bean and can take shots up to 18.1 megapixels, giving you complete customisable control and powerful editing tools.


Polaroid Android camera


Sadly we didn’t get to see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in action as the display camera wasn’t quite the finished model, booting up only as far as the ‘Polaroid’ screen. We heard that it did eventually load Android, but then refused to run apps. Obviously the camera won’t come out in this state, and we’re anticipating that the finished effort will be responsive and speedy.


Polaroid Android camera


Still, it’s good to see a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Camera spring up, and with Polaroid’s excellent track record of producing quality cameras, this should be an enticing blend of smart camera technology and mobile apps. Polaroid’s spokesperson assured us the company would be releasing a range of custom apps for users to download, and we’re sure that a good selection of editing tools and other bits will be available. These will allow you to take unique and stunning shots and then edit them to perfection before wirelessly sharing them with the world.


Polaroid Android camera


The Polaroid iM1836 is a chunky device, but it isn’t too heavy and can be comfortably wielded one-handed. Lenses can be quickly and easily snapped off and on to suit the environment and your subject. A pop-up flash can be brought up at the push of a button, and a dial can be used to switch between the various auto and manual modes and also the Full HD video mode.


Polaroid Android camera


On the back of the camera, the screen takes up most of the surface and is used to scroll through the various Android menus, display your apps and preview your pics. Wi-Fi is included for sharing photos and accessing the web and Google Play store, and a Micro SD memory card slot can be used to add up to 32GB of space for your media.


The Polaroid iM1836 will cost around $350 US when it comes out later this year - expect it in the UK soon after.

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