CES 2013: Samsung shows off flexible screen technology

Back in December, we heard a report of a radical new screen design, which was a 'possible' for the Samsung Galaxy S IV when it eventually launches later this year. Now Samsung has shown off the technology at CES, which just might be coming to a Samsung phone in the fairly near future.

We say that because this wasn't just some concept on a screen being talked about. The technology itself (named 'Youm') was demonstrated via a handheld device, which means that the screen is in a form that can be transferred to a smartphone. When it does, it's likely to be a genuine game changer.

The screen is flexible, but on the handheld it also wrapped around, which means you can use the same screen to fold out and browse or watch videos on a larger screen, but when folded in, you can still get notifications and updates (for example) when the phone is flat on your desk, effectively asleep. Radical stuff.

It really does mean that Samsung could change the way we use our phones, but it also means the company could create bigger mobile screens without the bulk of a traditional flat phone.

How this will translate to the market wasn't made clear. But you could imagine a next-generation Note utilising this very effectively. A Samsung Galaxy IV or V? Possibly, but it would mean a radical design departure.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is the next big launch, expected in the middle of 2013. Gut feeling is that it will not feature this technology, but we would love to be proven wrong.

Source: Engadget

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