CES 2013: Archos Titanium and Platinum tablets hands-on preview

Archos unveiled a series of five new tablets known as Platinum and Titanium at CES 2013. These glossy white tabs come in a variety of sizes, pack good specs for the price, and are due out in March in the UK.


Archos Platinum and Titanium tablets


All five tablets look very similar and will probably give Apple fans déjà vu, with their shiny white fronts and silver metallic rears. Three Titaniums (8, 9.7 and 10.1 inches) and two Platinums (8 and 9.7 inches) were on show, all packing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (potentially to be boosted to 4.2 before launch) and beautiful IPS screens.


Starting with the Titaniums, they sport dual-core 1.6GHz processors which ran Android perfectly and capably handled media during our brief hands-on preview. The glossy white front borders are resistant to scratches (just as well, considering the rough handling CES kit usually experiences) and broken only by a front-facing webcam and the Archos logo. No ‘home’ style button in sight. The backs are brushed metal and have a rear-facing camera lens built in.


Archos Platinum and Titanium tablets


The 8-inch Titanium’s screen packs a 1024 x 768 resolution, while the 10-incher is 1280 x 800. However, the 9.7-inch model is the real highlight, with its Retina-style 2480 x 1536 pixel density. Movies look colourful and sharp on all three of the Titaniums, but the 9.7-inch tablet really gets the most out of HD content.


Archos Platinum and Titanium tablets


The Archos Platinum models are almost identical except for the lack of Archos branding, and they sport the same resolutions as the Titaniums. All five tablets have tons of ports as expected, including Micro SD memory card slots, Micro USB and an HDMI port for all but the 9.7-inch models.


Archos Platinum and Titanium tablets


Pricing is as follows:


Archos Platinum 8-inch – 199 Euros

Archos Platinum 10-inch – 269 Euros

Archos Titanium 8-inch – 169 Euros

Archos Titanium 9.7-inch – 199 Euros

Archos Titanium 10.1-inch – 249 Euros


That makes the Archos tablets competitively priced amongst average-sized tablets, especially if you’re after a media device. We’ll bring you full reviews very soon!

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