LG promising premium smartphone for MWC event

There hasn't been a lot of smartphone action from LG at CES, but that may be for a good reason. The company is planning on making a splash at the MWC event, which takes place in Barcelona at the end of February.

After the launch of the LG-made Nexus 4, LG is really back in the mix. It will be hoping to build on that with a new range of phones, including a phone described as 'tier one'.

James Fishler, senior VP of marketing at LG, at CES this week said: 'At MWC next month, and throughout the year, we'll be bringing more tier one handsets, in various screen sizes.' 

Widely expected amongst them will be a Galaxy Note II botherer, a high-end device complete with a full HD 5.5-inch screen, NFC connectivity and a quick turnaround. By that, we mean the phone will be available straight after the phone launch, which is something of a first for the company. The idea is to 'do an Apple', getting the sales while the excitement of the product is still fresh.

More to come on this one, but February is when we'll get the official lowdown on this and much more from LG.

Source: TechRadar

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