Samsung Galaxy S IV coming mid-2013

A couple of days back, an image said to be of the Samsung Galaxy S IV appeared online, which led to many thinking a launch could be imminent. To cut a long story short, that's not the case.

Samsung could show off the screen technology at this week's CES event, but the phone itself is unlikely to appear until after May 2013. How do we know that? Samsung told us.

OK, they didn't tell us specfifically. A regional office for Samsung in the Lebanon used Facebook to tell a prospective buyer that 'the Galaxy SIV won’t be released before May 2013'. So there you have it. That same office did backtrack a little later, but we think the original statement is correct and gives you an idea when to expect the handset. Later than we expected, that's for sure.

Little is known about the next flagship Samsung device as yet, apart from rumours of that unbreakable screen. We should have something on that confirmed before the week is out. The image, as you can see above, gives little away. It looks like it has a larger screen and no home button. As the phone isn't switched on and isn't photographed at different angles, that's as much as we can ascertain.

Rumours will be plentiful as 2013 progresses though, especially if handsets are in the wild right now. Look out for those, but don't expect a launch anytime soon.

Sources: Sammobile and Slashgear

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