Samsung offers security patch for Galaxy S III owners

It's a complicated thing to explain, but the bottom line is that a security hole in the Samsung Galaxy S III was spotted back in December and has been something of a worry ever since. For UK owners, that worry has now been dealt with.

As we said, the issue is a complex one. But to try and simplify, the Exynos processor was found to be vulnerable, which allowed dishonest types to have read / write access on physical memory on the device. It leaves devices open to attack, especially from malware hidden in apps from the Google Play store.

So not a good situation for Samsung, which is why the company has rushed through a fix in double quick time - at least, they have for the UK market. The patch is being offered over-the-air, so look out for it on your smartphone and get it installed

That's only half the story though. The problem was also able to theoretically affect the Note II and the Galaxy S II, although it was dependent on the Exynos processor. More to come on this one, with patches likely to follow for other phones in the very near future.

Source: Engadget

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