Nokia plans lightweight flagship phone

Nokia is planning an all-new flagship phone, with the next Lumia having one eye on your pocket.

By that, we don't mean cheaper (although you never know), we mean lighter. According to 'sources familiar with Nokia's plans', the next high-end Lumia will have an aluminium body. It should be here sometime this year, but no one is quite sure when.

That's a move away from the traditional polycarbonate body for the new device, which is codenamed Catwalk, but is likely to be called something like the Lumia 930 (or a variation on the theme). It will mean a handset that's both lighter and thinner than the Lumia 920, but with just the same power.

That last point is quite key, as according to the sources, the new Catwalk smartphone will still be Windows Phone 8 smartphone and will launch with similar internal hardware specifications to the current Lumia 920. The selling point will be a phone able to compete with the iPhone in terms of size and weight.

The Catwalk is believed to be one of two launches planned from Nokia, details of the other being even thinner on the ground right now. When details (or indeed images) appear in public for either model, we'll certainly pass them on.

Source: The Verge

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