Apple said to be testing iPhone 6

We heard about a potential new iPhone at the back end of last year, with parts from the new model even leaking ahead of initial production, said to be starting in the first quarter of 2013. If you want more evidence, logs from new Apple devices could be the final piece in the jigsaw.

Those logs indicate a new iPhone and a new operating system, known as iOS 7. The handset is listed on logs as 'iPhone6,1', which compares to the iPhone 5's identifiers of 'iPhone5,1' and 'iPhone 5,2', the latter being the 4G variant. That number indicates that we're perhaps looking at an iPhone 6 rather than the rumoured iPhone 5S.

According to the developer spotting this, the app requests originate from an IP address on Apple’s Cupertino campus, suggesting Apple's team are already testing popular apps with the new hardware. Which in turn suggests both hardware and software and well along the road for development.

Beyond those model and operating system details, not a lot is known or shown about the new Apple products, although previous rumours have indicated a modest upgrade due to production problems with the current model, which is likely to be matched with an all-new operating system.

The big question now is whether Apple will break its annual update cycle and release a second new iPhone within that 12-month span. The evidence points to that happening, which is good news for anyone who put off an update to the iPhone 5, but not so good for someone signing a two-year contract in the recent past.

Source: The Next Web

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