Live shots of BlackBerry N-Series phone appear online

While you (and I) were tucking into a turkey dinner, it appears that the phone previously known as the BlackBerry N-Series was making an appearance online in a particularly blurry photo. As we enter 2013, that same phone has appeared once again, this time with much more clarity, as you can see above.

The N-Series, as you might recall, is the QWERTY variation of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 hardware, the traditional BlackBerry if you like, as opposed to the touchscreen L-Series, which was recently 'outed' as the BlackBerry Z10.

This one is said to be called the X10 and as the picture shows, the phone isn't just a dummy handset, it's a working model, indicating a launch might not be far off. We expected the touchscreen phone to appear at the BlackBerry 10 event, with the QWERTY model to follow. It now looks likely that both models will be unveiled, with at least one being a 4G model with EE.

Details on the inner workings are still thin on the ground, but that's no bad thing. Be nice for RIM to have something to 'wow' us with at the big launch on 30 January. We'll be there, as you would expect, so look out for that and a hands-on with the new hardware not long after.

Source: N4BB

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