Game review: The Keepers Lost Progeny Collector's Edition (iOS)

Big Fish’s hidden object adventure games are a great way to peacefully pass those dark winter eves, and Lost Progeny Collector’s Edition for your humble iPad is another fantastically entertaining effort. Mixing a sinister story with typically bizarre puzzles and pixel-hunting scenes, this is a lengthy and challenging adventure game.


The Keepers Lost Progeny iPad review

As with many creepy hidden object adventures, you find yourself stuck in a mysterious ruined town, inhabited by the kind of evil child that makes Damien look like Prince Charming. You prod your way through a number of static 2D scenes, interacting with the environment and picking up objects to gain access to locked areas.

Sometimes you’ll find these items scattered around the place, but often you’ll have to complete a hidden object puzzle to grab them. As usual, this involves a treasure hunt where you find and tap on a list of objects in a single scene. Some hidden object games can be amazingly unfair, but Lost Progeny strikes a good balance between challenging and demonic. If you do get stuck, the handy hint button will highlight any elusive bits.


The Keepers Lost Progeny iPad review

The rest of the game also sports a hint system, which points you in the right direction, while the many puzzles can be skipped if you get too frustrated. We liked the variety of the brainteasers, which are generally different takes on classics such as ‘arrange the skulls so there’s only one per row, column and diagonal’. Again, the majority offer a good challenge, which will likely stump younger gamers.

Overall we enjoyed Lost Progeny: Collector’s Edition for the iPad, which kept us entertained for many hours. The story is surprisingly dark and you get some bonus content at the end of the game which continues the plot, adding several new puzzles.

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