Game review: Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2

Super Mega Worm is finally on Android!


The original SMW game was a runaway success on iOS as was the original Super Mega Worm vs Santa, but now the series has made the jump to Android.


Created by developers Deceased Pixel, the game sees the user taking control of giant pixelated killer worm, Wojira – sent by Mother Nature to destroy humanity.



Using an onscreen d-pad, you make the worm dig beneath the North Pole, surfacing frequently to devour reindeer and various other creatures.


The game is gloriously insane although a teensy weensy bit unpleasant in places. Chomping elves and reindeer is one thing, but the digitised howl of ‘MY BABY!’ when your worm chows down on a woman pushing a pram, is quite another. Meanwhile, the onscreen explosions of blood (lo-res or not) will put some people off.


Get far enough into the game, and Wojira picks up superpowers, like the ability to spit fire and shoot icicles – which are needed when facing the big boss, Santa Claus himself.



It’s not a long game, is simple to get through, and is evidently not particularly sophisticated but it’s a ultraviolent festive blast with delightful retro graphics, even if they are used for the purpose of killing Father Christmas.


Download Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2 from the Google Play store for free.

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