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If you think you've heard this before, you probably have. Back in November, an industry analyst claimed to have checked supply chains in Asia, which pointed to the possibility of an Amazon smartphone. Unfortunately, he talked about late 2012 for a launch which isn't going to happen now. But there is likely to be an Amazon smartphone in 2013.

A new report does back up some details in that report though, most notably that Foxconn has been signed up to develop the handset, which may or may not use the Kindle Fire name, like the tablet pictured above.

That report is from the Taiwan Economic News, which claims that the launch is now planned for between the second and third quarters of 2013, so anytime over spring and summer if you like. As many as five million units are planned for initial production, as Amazon attempts to take a chunk of the Android market right from day one.

It has a secret weapon to do that - price. Just as a well spec'd Nexus 4 did the business (while stock lasted) for LG and Google, Amazon is hoping that a price of $100-200 (£60 - £123) will tempt in a similarly large following.

The report also adds that a new Kindle Fire is due in the third quarter too, which points to a busy 2013 for Amazon. More details on this almost certainly to follow, but the phone will definitely be big news when it lands. Quite possibly, if the price rings true, something of a game changer as well.

Source: Taiwan Economic News

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