iPad mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD: Which mini-tab is best?


There’s never been a better time to buy a tablet, especially if you’re after a slim, light portable pal for the commute. Between the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Apple’s iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7 by Asus, it’s possible to pick up a powerful fully-featured tablet that’ll slip inside even a dainty handbag and cost as little as £150.

So which dinky device is the best for you? Glad you asked! Here’s a handy comparison table so you can size up the stats...



Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Apple iPad Mini

Google Nexus 7 by Asus


193 x 137 x 10.3mm

200 x 135 x 7.2mm

199 x 120 x 10.5mm






7-inch 1280x800 display, both crisp and vibrant, bringing games and movies to life

7.9-inch 1024x768 display, the least sharp here, but still colourful and pleasing to the eye

7-inch 1280x800 display, an incredible panel for the price, perfect for media, games and web browsing


1.2GHz dual-core, fast enough to run the latest games and apps, but likely to be dated within a year

Apple A5 processor (the same as the iPad 2), fast enough to run even intense graphical games and creative apps, but starting to age

1.2GHz quad-core, packing enough power to give a perfect frame rate with the latest games, and won’t age as quick as the others


16-32GB, no memory card expansion

16GB-64GB, no memory card expansion

16-32GB, no memory card expansion


HD Front

5MP Rear, 1.3MP Front

1.2MP Front

Best for...

If you’re a big fan of ebooks, the Fire HD gives you immediate access to Amazon’s enormous Kindle Store library

Apple’s App Store offers the best range of apps and games around, for keeping productive or entertained on the go

That sharp screen and quad-core processor make the Nexus an excellent gaming, media and web device

Worst for...

If you can’t stand adverts, you won’t appreciate having them in your face constantly

The iPad Mini is almost twice the cost of the others, more so for bigger storage options

There’s pretty much nothing bad to say about the Nexus 7 that isn’t nitpicky


3.5 stars

4.5 stars

5 stars


From £159

From £269

From £159

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