APP WATCH: YouTube Capture for iPhone now available

Now, this is useful. YouTube Capture for iPhone that is, which takes the hassle out of uploading and sharing video clips.

It's something of a first for the iPhone, which has lacked the functionality to do just that in the past. But now Google has stepped in - and not for the first time - to plug that particular gap.

Open the app and you can shoot your video within it. Once you've shot that potential masterpiece, you can touch it up within the app, using colour correction, stabilisation, trimming, and music tracks, should you so wish.

Happy with your finished product? Good, now it's time to upload to Google-owned YouTube. Oh yes, you can share too, with Google+, Facebook and Twitter feeling the love simultaneously if you so wish. Of course, if the video is more personal, you can set it to private  or leave it unlisted.

YouTube Capture is available for iPhone and iPod touch and available just in time to shoot the action at your festive table. Get it now if that appeals.

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