Windows Phone 7.8 leaks for Lumia phones

According to Microsoft, the rollout of Windows Phone 7.8 is down for early in 2013. But if you want to take the risk, you can get it right now.

But we are emphasising that upgrading early is very much down to you. That's because an unofficial update has leaked early ahead of that official rollout. You can get it via the Navifirm site, which allows you to 'flash' your phone to Windows Phone 7.8, as long as that phone is a Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 610, 710 or 510. If that sounds a little confusing, you are probably better off waiting a month or so.

But if you are willing to risk it, you'll find a clutch of new features for your Windows phone, some compensation for a lack of an update to Windows Phone 8 for the first-generation handsets.

That includes resizable Live tiles, Bluetooth sharing, a new Store icon, ringtone maker, lock screen wallpaper option for Bing, more accent colours, 24 lock screen backgrounds, Nokia Tune Remix ringtones, Xbox and Office icons, a new boot screen and the option to select Google as the search engine in IE.

Nice things to have, but perhaps nothing there to risk the health of your smartphone for. Personally, we would wait for the official option, but if you can't wait and you are the kind of person that lives on the edge, the unofficial route is now available.

Source: My Nokia Blog

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