Three now offers the Google Nexus 4

If you've been living in a cave for the past couple of months, you perhaps missed the news that the Google Nexus 4 by LG launched, sold out, came back, then sold out again. It's one of the hottest phones this Christmas, which is good news for the networks.

But those stock shortages aren't good news for us, the customers. We're left with the networks and as we mentioned before, the O2 exclusive wasn't great value compared to buying directly from Google. The hope was a better deal when the competition kicked in. Sadly, that's not happened.

Three has now entered the fray with the O2 exclusive at an end. The O2 price was £36 per month, with Three offering the Android smartphone for £35 per month, with £29 required upfront. £869 is the total price, which is actually a little more than the 24-month fee with O2. You could get the phone SIM-free with a separate SIM-only deal for under £500 if you box clever.

But the crucial fact here is that stock via Google is highly unlikely to be available again this year. So if you want the phone for Christmas, a contract with Three or O2 is the only option. If you can hold off until the new year, your wallet will certainly feel the benefit.

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