Super sized Samsung Galaxy Note III rumoured

What's the difference between a smartphone and a tablet? If rumours are to be believed, it could be as little as 0.7 inches.

That's according to the Korea Times, which claims the phablet will make the jump from the already large 5.5-inch screen size (pictured here) up to a whopping 6.3 inches. With a tablet coming in at around 7 inches, it might be tough to spot the difference between the two formats soon. Ok, one will make networked calls, but that's about it. The report adds that it will use an OLED display, but not much else. No spec, no date, nothing. But we would guess at late summer for this big boy.

Before that, Samsung will be trying to push some more boundaries with the Galaxy S IV. Much has been said about the phone already, most recently with talk of an unbreakable screen. But the same report that brought us details of the Note III also gives us a launch date.

That Korean report claims the official launch will take place at the MWC event in Barcelona in February. That makes sense, as it was the expected date of the Samsung Galaxy S III before the company had a change of heart and launched it at a separate standalone event.

This year, it looks like Samsung will go for the early launch, not long after showing off that headline screen at the CES event.

Hopefully we will get confirmation of events in the fairly near future. But one thing is for sure - 2013 will be another busy year for Samsung, especially when it comes to sales.

Source: Korea Times

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