Google Maps is back on the iPhone

After the furore over its in-house Apple replacement, it was only a matter of time before Google Maps returned to the iPhone. Today is that day.

Yes, (almost) everyone's favourite mapping application has returned to the apple eco-system, rolling out across the world. Although demand has been so high, it has resulted in many iPhne owners having problems actually downloading it. When did that last happen to an Apple app? We can't recall such a situation, which perhaps indicates how desperate Apple's customers have been for its return.

Google says the app has been designed from the ground up to combine the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Google Maps with an interface that makes finding what you’re looking for faster and easier. All of which sounds just the ticket.

The app shows more map on screen, with a vector-based map loading quickly and offering smooth tilting and rotating of 2D and 3D views. There's also a search box at the top, along with an expandable info sheet at the bottom, which shows the address, opening hours, ratings and reviews, images, directions and other information. Google claims its mapping application now has more than 80 million businesses and points of interest, easily accessible via Street View and with a growing number offering inside shots to tempt you in.

Of course, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation is here, as is live traffic information and public transport details for selected areas. It's everything you want from Google Maps on your iPhone and of course, the app is free to download. If you can't download it, just keep trying, as the queues will die down eventually.

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