HTC One SV offers 4G on a budget

The HTC One SV launched today, bringing a fresh design and 4G compatibility to the excellent HTC One S phone.

As the name hints, the HTC One SV is actually more of a mash-up between the One S and the cheaper One V mobile. Specs are stuck somewhere between the two, with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor backed up by 1GB of RAM. Not exactly a hardcore gaming machine, but it should capably run your apps and media, as well as Android Ice Cream Sandwich.


HTC One SV preview


There's 8GB of storage space, expandable via MicroSD. This being an HTC phone, you also get built-in Beats audio for boosting your music and video sound. A 5MP camera with LED flash should prove capable at low-light shots thanks to its f2.0 aperture lens, while an impressive 1.6MP front-facer can be used for Skype chats.

From our first glance, we already like the rounded build with its rubberised rear, which sets it apart from the original One S and One V. It's a simple, sleek design, with touch-sensitive Back, Home and Menu buttons beneath the screen as usual. The phone will come in both black and white to begin with, but you never know when HTC will inject some colour - check out the vibrant Windows Phone 8X, which comes in a variety of bright colours.

The HTC One SV should be available in the coming weeks (most likely early 2013), and will be available on EE.

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