HTC Butterfly offered for sale in the UK

The launch of the HTC Butterfly is turning into something of a saga. A Japanese launch, a US launch, the denial of a European launch and finally (we thought) a worldwide launch of the high-end 5-inch Android smartphone. But now there's another twist.

Actually, there are two twists. Firstly, despite no word on its arrival from HTC itself, online retailer Expansys put the phone up for pre-order. It didn't offer a price, nor did it offer a specific release date, but the fact that it was being offered for sale seemed to confirm availability for the UK.

But all that changed just hours later. A spokesperson from HTC responded to that, saying: 'As far as we know there are no plans to bring it [the HTC Butterfly] to the UK.' Which baffles us completely.

Perhaps Expansys has second-guessed a UK launch and starting taking the orders early? After all, you don't have to part with any cash to order the phone right now. That would make some sense.

But we are also baffled about HTC's stance in regard to the Butterfly. It seems strange launching the phone worldwide after a US and Japanese launch, then not offering it in Europe. Perhaps those plans for a European launch have yet to be confirmed. Or maybe, HTC is holding back because it wants to focus on the rumoured M7 smartphone, which is said to be the next HTC flagship and possibly launching early in 2013.

Time will tell. But for now, the HTC Butterfly isn't going to be flying into the UK anytime soon - if at all.

Source: TechRadar

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