Premium Suite rolls out for Samsung Galaxy S III

Yes, another update for the Samsung Galaxy S III has been announced, with the Premium Suite likely to be with you sooner rather than later.

It's essentially a new set of features, add-ons to the Jelly Bean update that have previously been seen on the Galaxy Note II. For Samsung to be rolling these out to an existing smartphone rather than waiting for the S IV to appear is something that should be applauded.

Those new features are headed up by multi-windows support, which means you can now run two apps on a screen at the same time. So if you need to keep up with Twitter whilst browsing the web, you can do such a thing.

Also possible with the new update is contextual tagging of photos, automatically tagging the date, location and even the weather to a shot if you so wish. You can also now change menus to list apps you use first, set up your lock screen to show your friends' Facebook updates, get different start-up options based on accessories being used via Page Buddy (like the music player when headphones are hooked up), change the size of text when browsing with the Reader Mode and finally, use an Auto Share Shot pairing function, which adds proximity photo sharing courtesy of NFC radio.

So nothing life changing, but some very useful additions - and of course, all for free. All of those features should be hitting your Galaxy S II soon, keep checking for that update. Want to see it all in action? There is a promotional video here.

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