EE offers 4G iPad mini

Great news if you want a 4G iPad mini, you can now order from EE. But you'll be paying out significantly to get one.

EE has confirmed the widely expected addition to its range, although you can't get one just yet. In fact, it's also unlikely that you'll see delivery before Christmas, with EE asking you to allow 35 days for delivery of your superfast Apple tablet. But if you can wait, you can order now.

Various deals are available, but perhaps the cheapest is if you pay £149.99 for the device, Of course, that's not all you will pay, a monthly levy of £25.99 per month for two years too. That all adds up to £773.75 for a 16GB iPad mini and a 3G monthly data allowance. If you want to up either of those things, you will obviously have to up the costs too.

If you already have the hardware, you can get a month of 4G access for £15.99 per month, which includes 5GB of data. If you are thinking of buying the tablet, then getting a data deal separately, make sure you check out our review of the iPad mini first.

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