Google Nexus 4 available to order once more

To be honest, we didn't think we would see any offered before Christmas. But Google is now selling the Nexus 4 in the UK once again.

That's the good news. The bad news is Google's inability to get you one for your Christmas stocking. The devices are up for order on Google Play and once you've added to cart, I'm sure you'll be crossing off a big gift from that Christmas list. But read the small print. An 8GB model is down for 4-5 weeks delivery, while the larger 16GB capacity will mean a slightly longer 5-6 weeks before you see it.

Of course, that could be Google covering its back, with stock possibly landing a little bit earlier than that, with an outside chance of Christmas delivery. But it is just that - an outside chance. Do not order this if you have to secure one for Christmas Day. But by all means order one if 25 December isn't a significant date. Prices are the same, selling from a very palatable £239.

As we mentioned before, we don't know why this phone is so hard to find, but we have our suspicions. The most obvious one is that both LG and Google have been caught by surprise, massively underestimating the demand for a (more) affordable Google flagship phone. But others are speculating that the phone is undergoing a minor redesign, removing the 4G technology currently housed within to make it a more profitable phone. That is taking time, leading to short term stock shortages.

Shame really, as this could have been a huge seller for LG and Google over the festive season. Opportunity certainly missed.


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