Gmail for iOS updated to version 2.0

It launched in November 2011 and got a first update in June 2012. But the update to Gmail 2.0 is a far more significant arrival.

That last update brought in things like notification support and ongoing login, along with a 'send-as' feature, allowing you to opt for alternative sender details. But it missed one huge 'ask' - multiple accounts.

Thankfully, Google has dealt with that in this major update, allowing you to add as many Gmail accounts as you have or own. Job done, as far as many are concerned.

On top of that, there is a new design, described as a 'cleaner' look, search predictions as you type, an infinite scrolling inbox if you have an email backlog to pile through, the ability to respond to Google Calendar invites online, interactive Google+ post support and a 'new welcome experience', which is presumably that opening screen, showing you what unread emails you have for each account.

The one downside is you can't use this as your default email, but there is now good reason for jumping across to this rather than the standard Apple offering. Get it now from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad.

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