Free version of the Daily Mirror launches for iPad

On the day when The Daily iPad 'newspaper' was confirmed as closing, the Daily Mirror was confirmed for the iPad. The difference? Well, content aside, the difference is in the price.

Whereas The Daily was a subscription deal, the Daily Mirror for iPad is taking the brave and bold step of being a free offering. With a typical iPad monthly subscription being around £9.99, that's almost certainly going to shake up the market and antagonise several other publishers.

It isn't the first time a newspaper has been offered for free like this - The Guardian launched as a freebie some months back. But that was with the intention of it going premium further down the line. The Mirror intends to stay free for the forseeable future. Right now, there isn't a hint of a premium edition.

The free digital Mirror will run for weekdays only, with the idea of replicating the printed edition, throwing in interactive features, such as video, interactive adverts, crosswords and a live news ticker for breaking stories.

It seems likely that the move is to increase the user base of the Daily Mirror. With sales of the print version in decline (like most newspapers), downloads of the digital edition will count in circulation figures, boosting the final total. That should help the newspaper sell ad space more confidently and make money in a less obvious way.

Of course, if everyone jumps on this, it will make it easier for the Mirror to sell paid subscriptions if it does go down that road eventually. In the meantime, enjoy something for nothing, if you enjoy reading the Daily Mirror, of course.

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