Microsoft Surface Pro priced and dated

The tablets were officially launched as far back as June, but it will be January 2013 before you can get your hands on the Pro version of the Microsoft Surface.

The Pro model is the heavyweight version of Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet. Quite literally, as it weighs 903g, compared to the lighter 676g RT model. But like the RT, it does come with a magnesium casing, microSD and USB ports, but differs in offering a choice of higher 64GB or 128GB capacities.

Inside is where the difference really is. The Pro tablet runs the full Windows 8 operating system and has an Intel Core i5 processor, as well as a slightly larger battery capacity. There's also a 10.6-inch 16:9 ClearType display running at a 1920x1080 full HD resolution plus a Mini DisplayPort for connecting to additional screens.

January 2013, as we mentioned, is the time to get one, with the price in the US at $899 for the 64GB model and $999 for the 128GB model. UK prices should follow soon, but as a guide the US price of $899 converts to around £560.

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