Google Nexus 4 back in stock in US

Good news and bad news time. First the good news, Google is now offering more stock of the Google Nexus 4 smartphone, at least it is in the US. The bad news is that the UK Google Play store isn't even giving a hint of new hardware.

That's worrying for two reasons. Firstly, because so many of us Brits want a SIM-free Nexus 4 and secondly, a number of us want one (or know someone who wants one) for Christmas. As November becomes December at the weekend, it is starting look less likely that new stock will appear. If there is any new stock, Google might well keep it back for the US market. There isn't even the option to pre-order in the UK.

No one is quite sure why the Nexus 4 is so hard to locate, popularity aside. Google might have been caught by surprise with demand, but a premium smartphone SIM-free from £239 was always going to be a big seller. In some ways, Google has missed a trick, it could have had a smartphone able to compete with the Galaxy S III if the stock was available.

One theory regarding the shortage is that the Nexus 4 currently carries 4G hardware, despite not using it, perhaps because Google thought better of it at the last minute. With that in mind, Google and LG might be looking to redesign the phone a little to save on costs, which could be why larger numbers of the handset are yet to return.

That's purely speculation though and something we hope isn't the case. We're just sitting and hoping Google does manage to find some stock for us Brits, ideally ahead of 25 December. Of course, you could opt for a contract phone with both O2 and Three, but you'll be paying a premium price for the convenience.

Source: ZD Net

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