Microsoft to roll out Windows Phone 8 fix

Good news for anyone who suffers from the Windows Phone 8 problems we highlighted last week. Microsoft is already onto it.

If you missed it, a number of early Windows Phone 8 smartphone buyers have suffered from spontaneous reboots and email syncing issues, which covers a number of different devices from different makers. So we can rule out any hardware problems relating to specific manufacturers. Some owners have also reported an 'endless loop' of syncing with their phones, which has got to be annoying, not to mention inconvenient.

We thought a solution would be pushed through soon, especially as Microsoft has a lot to gain and lose with this particular mobile platform. That is now the case, with Microsoft confirming that it has found the root of the problem and to deal with it, the company is pushing through an OTA (over the air) update in December.

Microsoft isn't saying just what is causing the problem though, or indeed, if the issues are limited to certain models. But the bottom line is that a solution is coming over soon, which is all frustrated owners really wanted to hear.

Source: AllThingsD

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