LG developing Optimus G2

It wasn't too long ago that we saw the LG Optimus G for the first time. In fact, it was the middle of September. So wisdom suggests that it will be a good while before we see the follow-up. Wisdom, it seems, is wrong.

The Korean press is now pointing to a sequel, the appropriately-named LG Optimus G2, which is said to be arriving six months ahead of a previously scheduled launch. That works out as being around May. No doubt geared to take on the expected Samsung Galaxy S IV.

When it arrives, it will have a five-inch full HD screen, said to be 1.5 times clearer than the Retina display of Apple’s iPhone and five to six times clearer than a 40-inch, full HD TV. Also present will be Qualcomm’s 2GHz quad-core chip and the latest version of Android, Key Lime Pie.

Whether it will be the first phone running Key Lime Pie isn't clear, but we suspect not. There are strong rumours that Sony will have that honour after a Sony phone was recently logged testing the Android 5.0 platform. That could be here early in the new year.

Regardless of that, the Optimus G2 looks a contender, not least to Samsung's current Android dominance.

Source: MK Business News

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