Windows 7.8 rumoured to be landing tomorrow

We heard it was possibly launching before November was out. Now we're hearing that the Windows 7.8 upgrade will start to roll out tomorrow (28 November) – although that's yet to be made official by Microsoft.

Instead, the notification comes from an anonymous tip off given to the Wmpoweruser site, echoing those earlier reports from a Microsoft conference in the Far East. If true, it will be a welcome bonus to owners of phones using the platforms, especially as the phones were unable to take the bigger step up to Windows Phone 8.

New features are due, which is always nice. In this case, there's talk of a new lock screen that updates with details from selected apps, Bluetooth file sharing, security updates to the browser and an MP3 editor, should you want to develop your own ringtones from your favourite tunes. Not life changing, but good to have.

Hopefully Microsoft will confirm the rollout, but you might want to keep a casual eye on reports tomorrow from overjoyed/upgraded owners.

Windows Phone 8 users might also have something to celebrate soon, a new version of that platform. According to The Verge, Microsoft is preparing an update codenamed Apollo Plus, which again will bring new features to the platform.

Those include VPN support in Windows Phone, which will allow corporate users to connect to work systems, a Wi-Fi connection fix to allow connections to always remain on, some audio improvements and possibly Windows Phone 8 updates being available over-the-air. Other features that were planned for Windows Phones 8 but were cut because the company 'ran out of time' might also sneak in too.

Microsoft is planning on detailing Apollo Plus at the Mobile World Congress event in February. A rollout should follow soon after.

Sources: Wmpoweruser and The Verge

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