Sony shows off a 24k gold Xperia P handset

If it was going to create a gold-clad handset, we would have expected Sony to bling up its flagship phone. But strangely, the Japanese giant has opted to produce a 24k gold Sony Xperia P instead. Confused? You could say that.

Perhaps the phone has been in development for a while. Or maybe the actual phone is secondary to its outer shell. We don't know. But we do know that the phone is real and it is being given away by Sony.

'We’re always looking at new ways of working with different materials - during a recent creative session, we were throwing ideas around at what we could do to highlight Xperia P’s sleek unibody design and aluminium back cover. And, what better than gold; 24k’s worth to be precise,' Sony said in relation to the luxurious phone's appearance.

This isn't just a one-off, 15 of the phones have been produced, none of which will go on sale. As we hinted at above, the gold phones are being given away, specifically via the Sony Mobile Facebook page. Details of just how you get one aren't too clear yet, but it will involve a treasure hunt, a handset being the treasure trove at the end of that adventure. You'll have to check the Facebook page to keep up with where the hunt begins. Might well be worth your while.

Nice idea too, but I'm sure a lot of current Xperia P fans would have preferred the company spending more time focusing on an Android upgrade than making fancy limited edition variations of the Xperia P. Jelly Bean is coming to that phone, but the schedule right now, rather disappointingly, is deep into 2013.

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