Three confirms Nexus 4 availability

It was an incredibly popular launch, with stock of the SIM-free Nexus 4 flying off Google's virtual shelves almost as soon as it hit them. With a price tag of £239, where you really surprised? Sadly, the networks haven't been quite so generous on the pricing front.

We mentioned some time back that the initial O2 exclusive wasn't exactly on a par with the Google deal. Now Three has confirmed it will be selling the handset and once more, it doesn't sit well with the Google pricing.

However, if you compare it with other premium smartphones, the numbers probably do stack up. The date of arrival is 13 December, with a £35 a month contract (and £29 for the phone) getting you the One Plan, which includes 2,000 minutes across all networks, 5,000 minutes with Three users, 5,000 texts and unlimited data over a 24-month period. Pay as you go is also available, but at £399.99, the price is considerably more than shopping directly with Google. Saying that, Google is selling more or less at cost, Three obviously isn't going to operate on those terms.

By and large, the phone has been welcomed and praised, but there have been a growing number of reports regarding a buzzing sound coming from the phone. Specifically, the sound is said to come from the earpiece and camera area, with a further problem of disrupted audio when making calls being reported too.

Wisdom (and opinion from the Android community) suggests it could be sorted with a software fix, but as yet, the problem hasn't been officially confirmed and as a result, no solution is incoming. If reports grow as sales grow, expect that to change pretty quickly.

Source: Phandroid

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