HTC Deluxe DLX unlikely to launch in the UK

It could have been a contender, especially when it came to taking on larger handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. But it now looks like the HTC Deluxe DLX will be fighting that battle outside of the UK.

Who says? HTC says, so on the face of it we'll have to go with that official line. At least, for now. Saying that, we're relying on an administrator of the HTC Facebook page, who might well have made a mistake. I know, clutching at straws.

The denial came soon after new images leaked and a name of the HTC Deluxe or DLX was floated. That led to one potential buyer asking HTC, via Facebook, for a comment. The reply, in German, loosely translated to 'the Deluxe unfortunately will not come to Europe.'

Interesting to hear the company refer to the phone as the HTC Deluxe, but confusing that it will not be coming to Europe. A variation has launched in Japan, as well as the US, so where will the Deluxe be launching? No one seems to know.

But we all could know by the end of next week. When the latest clutch of shots leaked online, they arrived with word of an official launch on 6 December. On that date, we will hopefully find out if HTC's man on Facebook (Dennis is his name) was mistaken or knows the inside track. We're hoping it's the former.

Sources: Crave and HTC Facebook

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