Free Tube Wi-Fi for EE and Vodafone customers

Some time back, we mentioned that Virgin Media might be looking at doing a deal with other networks for free access to Wi-Fi on the London Underground. A couple of those deals have now been done.

The networks concerned are EE and Vodafone. Right now, it's a free for all until spring 2013, but after that date, non-Virgin users would have been looking at paying for access. Now, if you are on EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone or, of course, Virgin Media you will continue to get free access. Others will be looking at Virgin Media's daily rates for the service, which come in at £2.

Whether that latter price is a good deal perhaps depends on how much time you spend on the tube - or if you have some hurried preparation for a meeting to complete. It might also depend initially on the stations you frequent. You can get access via 72 Tube stations right now, with another 20 coming online next month and another 28 in early 2013.

No word from O2 as yet, but with all the other major networks offering access, peer pressure might just push that network towards a deal before that spring 2013 date.

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