Sony phone reportedly using Android 5.0

Yesterday, we heard a Sony executive talking about a new phone to take on the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. Today, we find out that a Sony phone has been tested with a new version of Android. Coincidence? Possibly. Or possibly not.

The latest story to get the rumour mill in motion refers to a benchmark test for a Sony phone known as the LT30i, a phone not previously mentioned or leaked. However, as the LT30p became known as the Sony Xperia T (pictured here), we suspect it's along similar lines. But with one difference.

The benchmark test showed the phone running Android 5.0, the long-rumoured Key Lime Pie update. It could be some kind of spoof, but that's unlikely. More likely, this is a phone in its early stages of testing, perhaps an upcoming Android flagship phone, as rumoured for some time. A roadmap spotted back in August did point to a Sony Xperia Nexus being launched, although no date was specified.

With the Sony executive talking up an iPhone 5-challenging smartphone with a possible launch in January at the CES event, it just might be the Sony Nexus with an all-new Android OS.

If that is the case, more leaks will certainly appear ahead of the launch event. When we hear anything, you'll hear it too.

Source: Pocket Now

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