Windows Phone 8 problems reported

We reported yesterday about a possible update coming for the Windows Phone 7 platform, but there might well be one for Windows Phone 8 too.

This is not one that Microsoft would have planned, as it's likely to deal with some teething problems that have plagued early adopters of the platform. According to ZD Net, a number of users are reporting spontaneous reboots and email syncing issues, which cover different devices and networks. The one consistent is Windows Phone 8.

It seems that, in some cases, email and Microsoft accounts can get stuck in an 'endless loop' of trying to sync. Some users are claiming that it is related to the Skype for Windows Phone 8 preview app, but removing this hasn't been a universal fix for all, so don't rely on it as a solution.

Skype has refused to comment as to whether there is any connection between the Skype Preview and these issues. Microsoft, on the other hand, was more forthcoming: 'We are currently investigating reports of these incidents,' it said in an official statement.

It isn't a universal problem, which makes it all the harder to identify. But with Microsoft having a lot to gain (and lose) with Windows Phone 8, we would expect a solution to be found and pushed through very soon.

Source: ZD Net

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