iPhone 5 case round-up

QDos Smoothies Metallics for iPhone 5


iPhone 5 case reviews

This uniquely designed cover offers a snug fit for your new iPhone. With transparent edges and a quite thin construction, it barely feels like you have a case attached. The real deciding factor is whether you love the reflective Union Jack rear, which certainly stands out from other cases and can be used to check your hair in a pinch.



Scosche KickBACK Sport g6 for iPhone 5


iPhone 5 case reviews

This bulky case adds some considerable width and a bit of extra weight to the iPhone 5, but boasts a unique fold-out stand on the rear, so you can prop up your phone in landscape mode to enjoy a movie on the go. Our review case sported a love-it-or-hate-it bright blue design with streaks of yellow, but you can pick up the KickBACK in more muted colours such as black if you prefer.



STM Harbour for iPhone 5


iPhone 5 case reviews

This slick-looking case has a bottom that snaps open, so you can effortlessly slide your mobile straight in. It holds the iPhone securely and has a soft-touch feel, making it comfortable to clutch. It adds a fair bit of extra thickness to the iPhone’s slimline design but makes your precious mobile a lot more rugged and helps to protect the screen if the phone is dropped. The Harbour comes in a variety of colours.



MediaDevil Grafikcase for iPhone 5


iPhone 5 case reviews

If you’re undecided with the plethora of iPhone case designs to choose from, why not try a personalised cover? Send MediaDevil any high-res image (within reason) and they can print it on a phone case for you, whether it’s a portrait of your loving family or a sultry shot of the lovely Scarlett Johansson. Oh Scarlett, how we love you. The case is surprisingly thin but feels suitably tough.



Pong case for iPhone 5


iPhone 5 case reviews

This case offers excellent protection in case of drops, but also claims to significantly reduce the amount of radiation that your portable pal blasts into your noggin. On top of that, it can also improve signal strength by up to 20% and  increase talk-time battery life by producing more efficient antenna performance. You also get a free screen protector.

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