Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade could land in days

When Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8, it wasn't able to upgrade all existing Windows Phone 7 users, but it did promise to look after the Windows Phone 7 platform for some time to come. Now the Windows Phone 8 launch is done and dusted, the work on Windows Phone 7 can begin.

An upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 was talked about for 2013, but it now looks like the upgrade could be here much sooner. At a Windows Phone 8 briefing held by Microsoft Singapore and Nokia Singapore, the audience has reportedly been told that Windows Phone 7.8 is 'just a matter of days to weeks away'. Ok, that doesn't tell us much, but it does indicate 2012, rather than 2013.

In addition, it has also been reported that Windows Phone 7.8 has been released to manufacturing partners this week. As a result, the update should be pushed through by those makers in the near future. Networks will obviously take longer, but the wheels seem to be in motion.

Just to back this up further, back in October, the Nokia Lumia 510 (pictured above) launched. This was a budget Windows 7 phone, widely rumoured to be hitting the market with Windows 7.8. That phone is down for a November launch, so it makes sense that the update is in the wild by then.

Over to you Nokia, some kind of official confirmation would certainly be nice.

Source: Pocket Now

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