First glimpse of Samsung Galaxy S IV coming soon

Screens are becoming a key battleground when it comes to smartphones these days, so it's no surprise to hear that Samsung is set to show off the screen for its next flagship smartphone ahead of the phone itself.

Samsung will demonstrate a 4.99-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display at CES 2013, according to sources in Korea, who in turn cite inside sources from the company. The AMOLED panel is said to be 'very thin', with low power consumption, as well as high contrast and refresh rate. It also has 441ppi pixel density, which is more or less perfect human vision.

All well and good, but the problem right now is Samsung's ability to turn that technology into mass production. If the company can do that (and we really wouldn't be surprised of they do), the screen will be the one used in the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2013.

Offering a full HD AMOLED will be a huge and unique selling point, so we suspect Samsung is currently working round the clock to get those production methods just right. If you happen to be anywhere a Samsung installation and you hear the sound of breaking glass, that's probably what is going on.

Regardless of that, the test screen should be shown off in less than a couple of months. We'll be there to get eyes-on to see it in action.

Source: Phone Arena

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