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Games where you mow down zombies in a kitted-out car have been around for decades – we’re thinking of Quarantine and Carmageddon from back in the day – and recently we’ve had entries such as Gears & Guts land on iOS and Android. Clearly the public has an insatiable appetite for smearing the undead across tarmac. If you rock an Android device with nVidia graphics and haven’t had your fill of zombie-crunching violence, here comes Zombie Driver HD to have a good old chomp on the genre. It’s a satisfyingly visceral action title, although the controls could use some fine-tuning.

The set-up in Zombie Driver HD is typically simple: you’re a renegade taxi driver and one of the few survivors of the recent apocalypse, which has transformed vast numbers of the human race into slavering brain-munchers. A cartoonish military commander issues various tasks for you to complete, from searching for missing civilians to clearing out an area of the city, but it all boils down to one thing: murdering an obscene number of zombie flesh eaters.


Zombie Driver HD for nVidia Android devices review


The killing is great fun, as you can kit your car out with all kinds of weapons, from mini guns and rocket launchers to the crowd-clearing flame thrower. You’ll need all that firepower too, because you won’t just come up against shuffling brainless corpses. Some zombies simply charge at you and pound you with their fists, some get close and then explode, and some are so big they almost take up the entire screen. Thankfully there's plenty of ammo and health kits scattered around the sizeable city, or surviving each mission would be a real struggle.

Graphics are pleasingly crisp as you’d expect from an nVidia title, and the sound effects are also suitably gooey. Our main complaint is with the controls. Rather than steering with a virtual thumbstick, which is normally frustrating enough when the action gets heated, Zombie Driver HD uses six separate buttons: left a bit, straight, right a bit, and the same in reverse. These directional controls aren’t refined for subtle movements, so we found our car often veered from side to side as we desperately tried to get it going in a straight line. We’d recommend playing with a joypad if you find a compatible one.


Zombie Driver HD for nVidia Android devices review


Zombie Driver HD is a fun, uncomplicated action game that lets you customise your vehicle and run riot on a city filled with the undead, with amusingly gory results. Aside from the stiff controls, which will hopefully be tweaked in a future update, we can heartily recommend it for fans of the genre.


Zombie Driver HD is available now for Android nVidia devices, priced at £4.35

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