RIM to sell first BlackBerry 10 smartphones from February

It's been known for some time that RIM was planning to launch its BlackBerry 10 smartphones in January, but the shelf date is something of a surprise.

According to Bloomberg, the new BlackBerry platform will be showcased at an event on 30 January, but the shelf date will be February. Which could mean a turnaround of days. If that's the case, the handsets are likely to be in production right now.

'We want to do it as quickly as possible,' Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear said in an interview, but it's not clear if this super fast rollout is worldwide or just in the US. RIM is said to be in discussions with Vodafone in Europe, as well as other operators in other territories and a leaked roadmap did point to a European launch first, ahead of the US. But so far, there is no confirmation to just where BlackBerry 10 will land first.

According to Carl Howe, an analyst at research firm Yankee Group in Boston, choosing to initially release the device outside the US might create more of a buzz: 'The hypothesis that they might start outside the U.S. is possible, as it would give them some pretty good sales numbers early,” he said. 'They could launch with several million units sold within weeks.'

We'll find out for sure in January. In the meantime, check out our hands-on with BlackBerry 10.

Source: SFGate

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