Samsung ATIV Odyssey leaks on Twitter

It is branded with the Verizon network name on the leaked shot, but the Samsung ATIV Odyssey could be bound for the UK.

The phone was leaked by the ever-reliable @evleaks on Twitter, with some commentators presuming it was a rebadged version of the Samsung ATIV S, the first Windows 8 phone to be shown off and a handset now available in the UK. But comparing the images, there is a difference in proportion, suggesting this might well be a new model.

So smaller than the ATIV S in size, presumably on cost too, although there's nothing to go on as yet with that. The image also points to a 4G phone, but as Verizon uses a different frequency to EE in the UK, that could also be a bit of a red herring.

All we really know is that the ATIV S is soon to launch in the US and if Samsung thinks there's a market in the UK for a smaller Windows smartphone, it might well launch here too. A full specification is almost certain to appear ahead of any launch, we'll keep a look out for that.

Source: @evleaks

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