Google compensates early purchasers of Nexus 7

Were you slightly annoyed that the Google Nexus 7 had a price cut recently, not long after you bought one? Google, it seems, is feeling your pain.

The internet giant now has a price protection policy on its Google Play store, covering this very thing. So if you bought a 16GB model of the Nexus 7 between 14 and 29 October, you have until 13 November to claim for a refund of the price difference. Enter your Google order number at the relevant page, the item description and the purchase date and Google will do the rest, which is hopefully refunding you £40 pretty sharpish.

It's a nice touch, but understandable too, as Google really doesn't want to alienate its own fanbase. Its generosity has also been matched by Asus, which has its own compensation on the table too. Asus is offering a £20 voucher to UK customers who bought just before the price came down.

The stipulation here is that you bought direct from Asus or Google Play before 29 October. You will also have to register your tablet with Asus. Not sure that a voucher with Asus for £20 will get you too far, but it's a decent gesture nonetheless.

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