Microsoft planning Xbox Surface tablet

A few days ago, we heard Microsoft was trialling its own mobile phone hardware. Now we are hearing that the company is also working on a 7-inch tablet. 2013 looks like it could be a busy year for Microsoft, as well as its Windows 8 platform.

That is, of course, if either of these devices see the light of day. The phone is still being assessed ahead of a possible launch, while the 7-inch tablet known as the Microsoft Xbox Surface is still in the planning stage. Hopefully one, or ideally both, will get an an airing sooner rather than later.

The tablet has been talked about since June, when a specification leaked. According to The Verge, that specification still stands, which means it will feature a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM designed specifically for gaming tasks - because gaming is the prime purpose of this tablet. It won't run a full version of Windows though, instead using a custom version of the operating system, although basics that you would expect from a tablet will still be covered.

Additional details are obviously still to come, but with Microsoft apparently locking down Xbox-related buildings in Silicon Valley, it sounds like the tech giant doesn't want too much sneaking out ahead of an official launch.

Will we see a first glimpse at the CES show in January? We would hope so, but a launch later in 2013 is more likely.

Source: The Verge

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