Galaxy Note could get Android update in December

If you have the original Samsung Galaxy Note, you may see a nice bonus before the year is out - an upgrade to Android 4.1, also known, of course, as Jelly Bean.

That's according to the Sam Mobile site, which tends to get these things right more often than wrong. Not only that, it should go straight to the latest version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.1.2. A movie floating around YouTube (in French) even shows it in action, which adds more weight to the argument. But as ever, the rollout isn't going to be a straightforward affair.

Samsung hasn't confirmed it, but Cnet is claiming that the update is coming in late December and is likely to be aimed at unlocked phones initially. Network phones, as ever, will have to wait longer, probably well into 2013.

But on the plus side, when it does land, it will also come with additional features that you might find on the more recent Note II, including Air View, which lets you hover over an email to preview it without needing to open it, as well as Samsung's Nature UX interface and the Multi View function.

When we get the official word, we'll let you know for sure what's happening.

Sources: Cnet and Sam Mobile

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